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Let it runStop paddling

Hold the boatDrive your paddle down vertically into the water and hold it firm

Hold the Boat HardDrive your paddle down into the water doing a back stroke and then hold firm vertically in the water

Back paddlePut your paddle into the water behind your hips and drive it down and forward opposite to a forward stroke

StopVery seldom used --Signs of panic in a novice Steersperson This call is not a good command as it does not indicate what to stop

Sit upPaddlers sit up in a uniform position relaxed but alert ready for the next command

Paddles upPaddlers lean forward rotating from the lower back paddle extended forward up over the water in the catch position

Take it awayPaddlers start paddling at a gentle pace and effort level

Ready readyCall before a race Paddlers instantly respond getting into the catch position

GoPaddle immediately. At a start or from Paddles Up. Replaces the leisurely Take it Away.

UpCommand to tell the paddlers to increase the speed/tempo of their stroke. Very important not to push the team's stroke rate up to the point it starts to lose synch. Also very important to project your voice to the paddlers at the front of the boat so they bring the stroke rate up or you may find the back of the boat rushing the stroke causing the team to lose synch and power.

DrawPaddlers reach out at right angles to the boat plunging the paddle into the water and pulling the boat to the paddle

Left side drawAll paddlers on left side draw

Right side drawAll paddlers on right side draw

PushSimilar list of calls as draw only the paddle is inserted into the water close to the boat and pushed away or pried away from the boat at right angles often used in conjunction with the call to draw

Brace the boatThe paddlers put their paddles on the water surface at right angles to the boat moving them back and forth with a slight downward pressure to stabilize the boat

ReachPaddlers extend their reach forward to maximize the stroke length

SeriesThis is a call for a prearrange set of strokes often with increased power and tempo

PowerThis is a call for more power, effort

FinishThis call lets the paddlers know that they are within a predetermined distance of the finish line. This call tells the paddlers if they have any extra ability/strength to give it NOW

Back it DownPaddlers in the boat paddle backwards in unison. Call is often used when moving the boat away from the dock or at a race start to move your boat back into position

StrokeSteersperson will call give me "one stroke" The number of strokes in the call changes.

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