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The Iron-On Backing allows you to adhere the patches to a hat or garment using a common household iron or heat press. This is a convenient method for applying patches prior to sewing that can also withstand 20-30 washes without sewing.

A couple stitches in each corner on PFDs is all you need, no ironing required.


  • Do not use an ironing board or the steam setting.
  • Set your iron to cotton/linen. While it warms up find a hard, flat surface that you can safely iron on.
  • Put a terrycloth towel on the hard, flat surface.
  • Put the garment on that and the patch on the garment glue side down.
  • Cover the patch with a thin cloth or Teflon ironing sheet so the white stitching doesn’t burn brown.
  • Press the iron hard on the patch through the cloth or Teflon sheet for 30-45 seconds.
  • Repeat as needed to get all the glue melted into the fabric.
  • Flip it over and do it from the backside too.
  • Don’t even try using a hot iron on silk, leather, nylon or other materials that will melt or catch fire.
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