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Loading the Boat

Try to get people as near to their assigned seats as possible in the loading area.

If the boat is floating free in the shallow water have them line up on each side at their seat. If the pier is long enough line them up alongside the boat by assigned seats.

The dock volunteers may want to load them, but it may be their first time, coach them so you’re on the same page. You go first, the Drummer goes last. If the pier is short the Drummer has to go second. Everyone has to enter nearer the middle and work back to their seats. You have to load front-back, front-back, seating 5 and 6 last to keep balanced.

If the pier is long, or you’re loading in water, the Drummer goes last with 5 & 6 loading first followed by 4,7,3,8,2,9,1,10. Front-back, front-back. Especially when you load in the water you want the heavies in the middle to load first and give ballast.

Once the team is seated have them shift their outside hip to the outside of the boat creating an isle down the middle. Rock the boat left and right to see how it behaves. Have someone outside the boat check the balance front to back. Make adjustments here. With a less than full crew it may be positioning the empty rows accordingly. With a full crew it will probably be rows switching sides. Front to back balance is not as important as sided to side but a front heavy boat isn’t good either. Your best bet battling waves is head-on and you don’t want to take water.

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