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Race Outline

Racing can be broken down in to smaller elements: pre-race, start, middle, finish, post-race.

Pre-Race- Includes on-land stretches, positioning of paddlers in boat, warm-up to the start line that should include one practice start.

Start Sequence - The start that is taught to novice teams is "5 and 10" meaning five deep long strokes to get the boat moving from a stationary position followed by 10 sprint strokes that accelerate the boat to top speed. A series of transition strokes follow to bring the stroke rate down to allow the stronger and longer "power strokes".

Middle - For the purpose of advancing race positions, teams often include one or more "series". A series is a set 10 or more strokes that are harder and sometimes faster to help the boat speed up. Please note that the paddlers must still hit in-stroke, must not shorten up on the stroke reach for a series to be effective.

Finish - The last 20-30 strokes on a race has its own elements. At this point in the race the objective is to bring the boat up in speed for that last finishing kick. It is similar to the "10" strokes of the start. The paddlers are leaning forward and using their arms only to accelerate the boat. Paddling with arms is quicker than paddling using your back though paddling with the back is much more powerful.

Post-Race - Analyze what went right, what went wrong. Make the adjustments for the next race.

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