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Start Counts and Finishes

Starting Sequence - ______ & ________ This is your first set & second set.

First Set This is the number of strong, full bladed, shortened strokes you use from a standing start to get the boat up out of the water and on plane. It’s faster than your racing stroke. Some teams count this downward to avoid confusion on the transition.

Second Set This is the number of quick, 3/4 bladed, shortened strokes you use to get the boat up to speed once you’re out of the water and on plane. This is faster than you’re First Set.

Racing Stroke This is the full blade, full extension, all the way to the hip stroke you use for the course of the race. The Drummer and Crew can count tens or any number. You can say stroke, go, dig, whatever you like. Even chants like "ice, cold, beer" work.

Finishing Stroke – Keyword:_____________________ Count:______________ Near the end of a close race, or any advantageous time, a change in stroke. Sometimes reverting to the First Set stroke but for a longer count. Maybe 20 to 30 strokes. You need to have the Drummer or Steersperson announce this is going to happen, in how many strokes, and for how many strokes before resuming. Something like "Power up in 3, 2, 1 Go!".

Seating Chart Drummer;_____________________________________________________________

Left                                                                    Right

 Row 1 has to be able to stay in sync. Everyone, including the Drummer, keys on them.

Row 1 _______________________ __________________________

Row 2 _______________________ __________________________

Row 3 _______________________ __________________________

Rows 4-7 are the Engine Room. This is where the muscle goes.

Row 4 _______________________ __________________________

Row 5 _______________________ __________________________

Row 6 _______________________ __________________________

Row 7 _______________________ __________________________

Rows 8-10 are the best paddlers, or not, its up to you.

Row 8 _______________________ __________________________

Row 9 _______________________ __________________________

Row 10 _______________________ __________________________

Steersperson ______________________________

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